[UPDATE] Making a Scene in the Classroom Pedagogy Panel at BWWC--Deadline Extended

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Dr. Kelli MacCartey / University of Tennessee Knoxville
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Deadline for Paper Proposals Extended to JANUARY 1ST!!!

This pedagogical panel—to be held at the BWWC annual conference June 2-5 2016 in Athens, GA—will address the conference theme of "Making a Scene" as it explores why students are resistant to particular approaches or texts, and how we, as teachers, can "make a scene" ourselves to spark involvement, foster interest, and propagate engagement with vital works. We will explore the various ways that 18th and 19th century texts by women writers have been met with unexpected resistance, empty criticism, or unproductive conflict in seminars, which impedes successful exchange of ideas. While instructors choose appealing texts that illustrate a theme, speak to cultural issues, or help to demonstrate the complexities of the period, this does not guarantee that these writings are met with an enthusiasm and appreciation that could shape meaningful analysis or debate. A sampling of things to consider: What texts have you read in your courses that students just didn't like, were hesitant to discuss, or refused to engage with? How did you counteract this? What worked? What didn't? (The focus of papers and possible literary texts has been left deliberately open in this initial search for interest.)

Hopefully this panel will provide much opportunity for more discussion. Therefore, it is requested that papers be brief, about 10-12 minutes, to allow for open forum dialog between panel presenters and attendees. Handouts and/or PowerPoint presentations at the conference are most welcome.

Please send abstracts of no more than 300 words, with a short bio, to Dr. Kelli MacCartey at kmaccart@utk.edu by JANUARY 1ST