[REMINDER] Stony Brook University 2016 Graduate Conference - Speaking Text(s): Communication in the Humanities - March 5

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Stony Brook English Graduate Conference

We are pleased to invite proposals for the 28th annual graduate conference presented by Stony Brook University's Graduate English Society.

This call-for-papers is an attempt at communicating an idea, which is just one of many ways we seek to explore the role of communication in both the object(s) of our studies and the studies themselves. The history of literature is filled with communication (and its gaps): stories wherein information cannot be transmitted until someone physically travels across the world to do so, oral narratives communicating cultural information, letters (if not lost) allowing for the interaction of distant characters, mediating characters driving plots by controlling the system and content of communication, computer networks allowing not only for direct communication between people but also open-ended communication of vast amounts of assorted data, and so on. In other senses, our affective states communicate internal thoughts and sensations, people's relationships to the natural world communicate environmental attitudes, and the reception of texts and events communicates values and cultural biases of the imagination. We look forward to reading abstracts attempting to communicate new, critical ideas spanning all periods of texts (literary or cultural) and all forms of communication.

Because our theme speaks to different discourses across various fields, we also welcome interdisciplinary projects. Individual proposals should be kept between 250-300 words and sent to stonybrookenglishgradcon@gmail.com by the end of the day January 2, 2016. We also encourage the submission of proposals for complete 3-paper panels, which should provide an abstract for each contributor and a 250-300-word description of the panel's objective. All submissions should include full name, institutional affiliation, and contact information for each participant.