Border Disputes: Global Modernism and World Literature - MadLit Conference 2/25/16-2/27/16

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Modernisms/Modernities Colloquium (MMC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Recently scholars of modernism have advocated for a "global turn". Accordingly, the field of modernist studies has expanded to encompass times and places, authors and texts, which have been overlooked by traditional, canonical accounts of modernism. Extending the spatial and temporal boundaries of modernism has opened new avenues of inquiry and discovery. The decentering of modernist studies from its European focus has led to the inclusion of many non-European traditions and literatures. However, some argue that a global approach to the study of modernism ignores the particularities of history, culture, and language. Others have raised concerns about the blurring of terminological and disciplinary boundaries, as well as the appropriation of other cultures and the encroachment upon other disciplines. Panelists are invited to consider the implications that the global turn in modernist studies has for the study of world literature. How is global modernism situated in relation to world literature? How does it intersect with or conflict with world literature studies? Send submissions to Proposals should include a title, your name and affiliation, and a 300-word abstract. The deadline for proposals is 1/1/16.