Daily Life through Literature: Culture and Society as Illustrated by Great Authors

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Texas Southern University
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Daily Life through Literature: Culture and Society as Illustrated by Great Authors

Greenwood Publishing Group

Throughout history, writers have been among the most astute observers of society, and literary works provide a record of daily life during particular periods. This book will help students learn about social history through literary works. The published work will include alphabetically arranged entries on roughly 300 literary works from different times and places. The works included are set in the era in which the author lived; the book does not include historical fiction set in earlier times. The book gives special attention to works covered in high school AP literature courses and in undergraduate classes. Each entry discusses how the work reveals daily life in the author's day and age and how closely these literary representations mirror the author's historical culture. Among the topics considered in the entries are architecture and housing; the arts; clothing, fashion, and appearance; education; family life; food and drink; gender roles; politics and economics; recreation and leisure; religion and beliefs; science and technology; social customs; warfare; and work.

Contributors are sought to write one or more signed entries. Authors' names appear alongside their works in the text. Articles run 1,000-1,500 words. For additional information and a complete list of the literary titles, please email Dr. Michael Zeitler, zeitlerma@tsu.edu. Please attach a CV with your email inquiry. Please submit your letter of interest by February 15, 2015.

Editors: Dr. Michael Zeitler, Texas Southern University
Dr. Michael Sollars, Texas Southern University