The Apollonian--Submissions and Proposals for Vol. III

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The Apollonian: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Apollonian—Call for Papers for Vol. III, Issue 1 and Issue 2
For our Vol. III, Issue 1, to be published in March, 2016 we seek essays on the following issues:
The Syrian refugee crisis
The Paris attacks
Mass killings in the USA
Papers should not be merely descriptive but involve a philosophical/theoretical exploration of the issues. Any papers that merely describe the events journalistically will be rejected outright. Please see our submission guidelines for further details.
We also seek book reviews within 1200 words and conforming to the MLA style. For works academic and non-fiction works, the books to be reviewed should have been published between 2014 and the present. For works of fiction, the reviews are to be restricted to books published from 2015 to the present.
Vol. III, Issue 2, to be published in June, 2016, which is to be an Open Issue restricted to no particular theme, we seek essays that are interdisciplinary in nature. We are interested in essays that examine the status of history, culture, politics, education and pedagogy, institutionalism, religion, society, globalism, migration and immigration, terrorism, climate and climate change and gender issues and in the 21st century from a philosophical vantage point. The issue will also contain book reviews along the above guidelines.
Visit for further details. All submissions must be sent to and addressed to the Editors.

Guest Editors Invited—The Apollonian: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
We are currently seeking Guest Editorial proposals for our Dec, 2016 issue of The Apollonian. Faculty at universities and colleges, established researchers and academicians are requested to send us their proposals within 1000 words along with their bio-biblio/CV. The Guest Editor will be expected to prepare a project suitable for the scope of the journal, invite submissions and select suitable papers for publication within a time period that allows for the timely publication of the issue. The Guest Editor will have complete control over the preparation and dissemination of the calls for papers, selection and review of submissions, with aid from the Journal's staffers. The Guest Edited section of the Journal is to be published as the Focus section of the Issue. In case of multiple proposals for viable projects, such Guest Edited issues will be accommodated in our subsequent Volumes.
Please write to the Editors at for further details.