Special Edition-Precarity Tales

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Lehigh Valley Vanguard

Call for Papers
Precarity Tales

Seeking poetry and prose describing the precarious circumstances of the proletariat.
Lived precarity has received much attention over the last several years, especially regarding adjunct professors. We're looking for stories from:

Barely part-timers
And (of course) Adjunct faculty

Experimental prose and poetry will be considered, along with traditional editorial style.

No papers in academese, please. Must be enjoyable for laypeople.

Prose should be 500-2500 words
Poems can be up to 100 lines (up to 3 poems will be considered)
Please send the finished work, not a pitch.

Those published in our web zine format will be in consideration for our special edition of Lehigh Valley Vanguard Collections: Precarity Tales edition.

Deadline 2/1/16
Send submissions to lehighvalleyvanguard@gmail.com