NWSA2016 Conference Panel on Colonialism & Digital Games (Nov 10-12) DUE 15 FEB 2016

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Kristin Bezio, University of Richmond
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Seeing paper proposals for a panel entitled "(De)Colonizing Digital Gamespaces: Games, Gender, and (De)Colonial Praxis" at the NWSA 2016 Meeting in Montreal, Canada Nov. 10-12, 2016. Proposals due to kbezio@richmond.edu by 15 Feb. 2016.

Digital spaces are frequently referred to as a "new frontier," discourse which explicitly links digital media and colonial praxis. Similarly, digital games are encoded by deeply colonial—and imperial—ideologies which marginalize and often victimize women and people of color. Although the games industry has, in recent years, begun to be more inclusive of women and people of color in roles other than that of victim, most digital games and gaming spaces remain colonized.

In particular, we invite proposals which include references to or readings of both mainstream and independent games and game spaces. We are looking to construct a panel which examines the problems, influence, and positives of (de)colonialism in games and/or the games industry, drawing on close analyses of games, game spaces, gaming communities, and/or the games industry.

This panel is seeking proposals for papers which address the colonial/decolonial space of digital games. We are interested in a variety of approaches, including but not limited to analyses of games, gaming fandom, and game spaces; colonial or postcolonial readings of games or game spaces; analyses of the locational politics of game settings; and/or discussions of using games or game studies in colonial/postcolonial pedagogy.