[UPDATE] "Race, Politics, and the Humanities in an Age of 'Posts'" Special Issue March 1, 2016

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Humanities (an international, peer-reviewed, open access quarterly journal)
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This Special Issue comes at a time when the defining boundaries of both "race" and "human" have been radically called into question, challenging us to rethink classificatory systems that found hierarchical relationships between, for example, the "fully human" and sub-human or non-human others. What is at stake for the humanities in this presumably post-racial, post-human age, and, in particular, how are we to re-imagine racial equality or human rights as sustainable political projects? Please send 250-word abstracts directly to the Guest Editor, Myra Mendible, at mendible@fgcu.edu for review. Completed papers are due on or before June 1st, 2016. All essays will undergo peer-review upon receipt, but the Guest Editor will make the final decision whether a paper is acceptable or not, after author's revisions. You may refer to our website for further instructions http://www.mdpi.com/journal/humanities/special_issues/age-of-posts or contact mendible@fgcu.edu directly with questions.

We invite contributors to explore this complex theoretical terrain and its implications for our understanding of "race" and the "human" in literature, politics, and ethics. Potential topics include:
The ethics and politics of the "post-human";
Post-racial discourse and "color-blind" policies
Postcolonialism's "Ecological Turn"
The Post-human/Post-racial in literature and art
Speciesism and its Discontents
Racialized religious, ethnic, or regional collectivities
The Humanities in the Anthropocene
White privilege and "human" supremacy;
Humanism and neoliberal economics;
Brains, Bodies, and the Science of Race;
Putting the Human back in "Race"
Race and the "post-political" (Chantal Mouffe, Jacques Rancière, Slavoj Zizek)
Intersections between Animal, Human, and Civil Rights
Patriarchy, Racism, and "Nature"