Space, Place, and Belonging

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Textual Overtures Graduate Journal

In the preface to Borderlands, Gloria Anzaldúa declares: "I am a border woman." As simple as it sounds, this statement suggests the individual's agency in the social and cultural production of personal identity as it boldly rejects to acknowledge the power of the state in the process. Migration and border-crossing today present serious political, social and cultural challenges, which force countries to craft policies to address security, economic, and humanitarian concerns. The migration crisis in Europe offers a new perspective on the development of migrant identity in this ever-changing relationship between the individual and the host country. At the backdrop of the current migrant crisis, the questions regarding Anzaldúa's claim to agency proliferate: Is this borderland identity possible today? How does the migrant negotiate between home and host cultures? In what way has the relationship between space, place, and belonging changed?

Textual Overtures, a graduate interdisciplinary journal, is currently accepting submissions for its 2016 issue that examine questions related to space, place, and belonging as presented in literature, composition/rhetoric, film studies, American studies, comparative literature, cultural studies, education, cultural geography, and border studies. We invite work that explores (dis)embodied geographies, (hybrid) identity, liminal spaces, and border epistemologies. In the current issue, we accept submissions in three categories: academic articles, creative writing, and visual art.

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