[UPDATE] SAGES Conference: Hysteria Abstracts DUE 2/29/2016

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SAGES: Society of Akron Graduate English Scholars
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The Society of Akron Graduate English Scholars is pleased to announce a call for papers for its upcoming interdisciplinary conference on April 28, 2016. We welcome creative writers and scholars from various disciplines to discuss the theme, "Hysteria." This free conference is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.
We invite scholarship and reflection addressing one or more elements of hysteria and its historical and cultural context.

Hysteria is typically defined as a state of unmanageable emotional excess. Given this definition, the term has been applied to gender dynamics, specifically the hysterical female. From the Greek word hystera meaning uterus, the term hysteria sprang from disturbances associated with female reproduction and seemingly unorthodox sexual desire. The symptoms were nervousness, a tendency to cause trouble, and promiscuity. A modern interpretation of hysteria is now believed to be associated with a form of PTSD. It can also be applied to expressions of riotous emotion present within the fine arts and music. The term is also used in a wider sense; it is used to describe crowds—mass hysteria—and things that are particularly funny—hysterical.
This year we are seeking a variety of interpretations of the term across all academic disciplines in an effort to explore connections between dissimilar fields and cultural spaces.

Possible topics that can be explored but are not restricted to:
The myth of the disabled woman
Gendered presentations of madness
Psychology and hysteria
Literary depictions of doubling, schizophrenia, and other mental illness
Treatment of mental illness in respect to culture and societal class dynamic
Historical treatment of mental illness versus modern treatment
Temperance, chemical dependency, and mental Illness
Miscommunication and madness
Witch hunts and riots
Music and mass cultural influence
Comedic enactments, drama, and film

The above list is simply a loose guideline of suggested topics. Please, feel free to explore your own interpretations of hysteria.

We seek submissions from all disciplines. Submit individual abstracts (no more than 400 words) directly to SAGES by February 29, 2016 via email (sagessubmission@gmail.com). Those abstracts that are selected
will be organized into specific panels to be presented at the conference. Expect responses in mid March 2016. All creative writing manuscripts need to be submitted in their entirety. Presentation proposals (no more
than 400 words) and creative writing manuscripts are to be submitted directly to SAGES via email (sagessubmission@gmail.com) by February 29, 2016. The conference will be held at The University of Akron in Akron, OH in the university's Student Union Ballroom.