Special Issue (2017) of 'The Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies' (periodical culture)

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The Wyndham Lewis Society

Wyndham Lewis's centrality in the 'little magazine' and periodical cultures of the early twentieth century is well established. In addition to editing several journals himself - 'BLAST', 'The Tyro', and 'The Enemy' - Lewis contributed to 'The English Review', 'The New Age', 'The Tramp', 'The Egoist', 'The Little Review', 'Art and Letters', 'The Athenaeum', and 'The Criterion', among many others. This volume of 'JWLS' seeks 7-10,000-word essays that will expand our understanding of Lewis's contributions to these publications and the social, artistic, bibliographic, and economic networks from which they are inseparable. All submissions should try to engage with the most recent relevant scholarship. Suggested topics include:

- Lewis's role as editor / facilitator of the careers of others
- the relationships between Lewis and his editors
- Lewis's place in the histories of periodicals and 'little magazines'
- serialization, and its shaping influence on Lewis's work
- Lewis and the economics of serial publication
- the aesthetics of magazines in relation to Lewis as a painter
- Lewis in relation to online repositories (e.g. the Modernist Journals Project)
- modernism from magazines - how does Lewis fit into this context?
- the politics of publishing Lewisian scholarship in journals today

To submit, or to discuss an idea for, an article, please contact the 'JWLS' Editor, Nathan Waddell (nathan.waddell@nottingham.ac.uk)

Deadline = 15th January 2017.