SAMLA 88: Thinking Utopia/Dystopia through Decolonization

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SAMLA 88 panel CFP
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South Atlantic Modern Language Association, 88th Annual Conference in Jacksonville, Florida, USA 4-6 Nov. 2016.
Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront
Jacksonville, FL

Call for Papers:
If new world colonialism employed utopian tropes to justify its strategies and practices, the decolonial moment countered the legacy and failures of colonialism with utopian ideals of its own. This panel welcomes papers that address topics related to utopianism or dystopianism within anticolonial, decolonial, or postcolonial literatures. Within a broad framework, this panel asks: how do writers, artists, thinkers, and others envision utopia as a way to decolonize the culture, the body, and the mind? Used in a broad sense, utopianism might simply mean practices of aesthetic resistance or reparative aesthetics that in some way imagine a liberated future; dystopian might refer to representations of realities that are constructed in order to represent and call attention to the legacy of colonialism.

Contributions are sought around the following themes:
-Decolonialism, anticolonialism, postcolonialism
-nation-building and culture, political theory
-speculative fiction
-and more.

Please send a 250-word abstract, bio or CV (no more than one page), and any audio-video requests to Bryant Scott (
All proposals welcome.