Rivers of Reflection: Know Your Focus In a Changing Current--October 5-7, 2016

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Midwest Regional Association for Developmental Education
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Across the nation, institutions of higher learning are facing radical changes from many angles, whether they be budgetary, curricular, structural, or otherwise. As educational professionals, it is our task to manage this whirlwind of redirection with aplomb and finesse while maintaining a high level of success in our primary areas of concern: our students. How do we remain innovative and focused during these times of upheaval? How do we identify and strengthen our identities as professionals? Additionally, how to we assist our students in doing the same as they shape their personal and professional identities, particularly in developmental classrooms?

Sessions at the 2016 Midwest Regional Association for Developmental Education Conference will focus on what we as educators are doing and can to bolster our professional sensibilities as well as the success of our students in these shifting times. We invite proposals for sessions on any aspect of these questions. It is no secret that students in our courses often come in unfocused and unsure of themselves. How do we help stabilize them as collegiate students? How do we stabilize and further seek to develop our own professional identities?
In addition, we welcome proposals on any topic related to developmental education.
MRADE 2016: Proposal Guidelines

Proposals will be selected according to the best fit to the field, theme, or area of discipline. Presenters must register and pay conference fees. Proposals must be appropriate for 60-minute sessions and must be received by May 1, 2016. To submit a proposal: 

1. Fill out the Presenter Contact Information and Session Information form below. 

2. Provide up to a one-page, single-spaced summary of your proposed session that includes: 

a. Format of the session (hands-on workshop, discussion-based or round robin 

format, individual presentation, panel, etc.) 

b. Objectives of the session 

c. Relevance of the session to the field and to the conference theme 

3. Provide a 50-word (maximum) summary of the presentation for the program. 

4. Email completed proposals to mradeorg@gmail.com . Please include "MRADE 2016 Proposal" in the subject line. 

Proposal Writing Tips 

  Presenters are encouraged to use more interactive presentation techniques beyond formal lectures. Sixty-minute sessions will run concurrently with other sessions. 

Presentations that are cross-disciplinary and include presenters from multiple colleges are encouraged. 

The MRADE Conference Planning Committee seeks to offer presentations from multiple categories/topics during each breakout session and will balance session planning. 

In recent years, advising/counseling, administration, assessment, ESL/English Language Learners, learning center, learning disabilities, math, and science-related proposals have been under-represented. The Conference Planning Committee especially encourages sessions focusing on these topics. 

New to presenting? MRADE is a great conference for a first-time presenter. We are more than happy to help by answering any questions. 

May 1, 2016: Proposals are due.

Send completed proposal materials to mradeorg@gmail.com .