[UPDATE] Early Modern Women Writers

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Professor James Fitzmaurice (University Northern Arizona) and Othello's Island (CVAR)
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Early Modern Women Writers (approx. 1550-1700)
at Othello's Island CVAR, Nicosia, Cyprus
5 to 9 April 2017

Early Modern Women Writers is a semi-autonomous conference strand within the annual interdisciplinary conference on medieval, renaissance and early modern studies, held annually since 2013, in Cyprus, called Othello's Island.

As a whole, Othello's Island attracts approximately 100 delegates, whose topics include archaeology, art history, history, and literary studies, to name but a few. Since its inception a significant section of the conference has covered early modern women writers, such as Mary Wroth, Aphra Behn and Margaret Cavendish.

Our aim is to consider women writers from this period as individual writers in their own right, but also to look at them in relation to wider society and culture at the time, and in terms of their contemporary and posthumous reputations.

Specific reference to Cyprus or the Mediterranean region by delegates is not obligatory. But it is notable that many women writers from this period do make mention of Cyprus and its environs, and so this frequently does become a topic of debate.

The strand is fully intergrated into the full Othello's Island conference, and delegates can mix-and-match attendance at the Early Modern Women Writers strand and other talks at the conference. Those taking part are also welcome to join in with the social events for the wider conference, including group meals and trips to some stunning medieval and renaissance sites.

However, the strand is intended to act as a distinct annual focus for the study of early modern women writers, and we try to ensure at least one full day of talks and discussions on this specific topic (depending on the number of papers received each year).

Deadline for submissions for 2017 is 1 January 2017. Full details on how to submit can be found online at www.tiny.cc/emww