Science and the Gendered Body in Literary Discourse (4/28/2016; Commission on Literature and Science Sept. 7-9, 2016)

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J. A. Hayden, University of Tampa
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This panel looks at the representation of the scientific 'body' in the literature of the greater eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Some of the questions that might be posed here could include how this literary/historical period perceived, defined and/or categorized scientific constructions of the body? What role did gender play in this construction? How did the non-scientific community adapt or subvert scientific understanding about gender and the body? Body here can be human bodies and scientific discussion in the literature of this period; or bodies can be animal or plant "bodies" in a literary and scientific aspect, such as through travel narratives, botanical or zoological tracts; or the body can be an imaginary one (or one that is not confined to physical form) that again draws on science in some literary context. The literary discourse can be fiction or non-fiction, printed or manuscript, but must draw connections between science, gender and the body or bodies, and literary discourse. Please forward an abstract of 250 words and a vita by April 28, 2016 to J. A. Hayden, University of Tampa at The conference is the International Commission Literature and Science 2nd annual conference in Pöllau, Austria on 7-9 September 2016.