Specialists: Passions and Careers

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Universitas Press

CFP: Specialists: Passions and Careers (extended - collection Professional Development for Academics)
Universitas Press, an independent academic press located in Montreal, Canada, is looking for papers for the Specialists: Passions and Careers volume, the first in a new collection, Professional Development for Academics. Specialists...will group reflective papers from PhDs from around the world in any and all disciplines with the aim of helping students, graduate and undergraduate, decide on their own academic future. It is well known that students at both levels are often in doubt and unaware of the various possibilities that exist for them. Also true is the fact that higher education is at a crossroads. To help students reach the best decision, UP is asking professors, independent researchers, and professionals working outside the academia to look back on their own academic journey and discuss how they reached their decisions and the consequences these decisions have had on their professional lives. These papers, of 3-5 pages, should cover the following points:
- the attraction of the field;
- the choice of speciality and its relevance to the work they are doing today;
- the decision to go for a Master's and then for a PhD;
- passion vs. pragmatism and which one was the major force behind the decisions;
- who or what was the inspiration or driving force behind the decision: parent/family, professor, program, university reputation, etc.
- finding a job and what it entailed: was the PhD an asset or a burden?
- are the skills acquired during the PhD transferable?
- given a chance to start over, would they do it again, in the same field?
Please send papers and a short bio to submissions@universitaspress.com by June 1st, 2016. The volume is scheduled for publication in Fall 2016.