Call For Papers deadline is extended : SCPLC Conference 4/19/16

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South Carolina State University/Department of English
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South Carolina State University's Department of English and The South Carolina Project on Language and Culture (SCPLC) will host an inter-disciplinary Conference on October 7, 2016.
Conference Theme: America's southern cultures and identities: language, customs, literature.
The organizing committee is soliciting proposals for 20-minute presentations on topics related to language, culture, dialects, literature, film, communities, and other areas that highlight research and documentation studies on South Carolina's cultures and languages as well as Southern regional cultures, languages and communities. Please send a 250-300 word abstract by April 19, 2016. Please send it via email to Please send the following information with the abstract.
1. Name and affiliation of the presenter.
2. Email address
3. Title of the presentation.
4. Abstract (approximately 250-300 words)
5. AV equipment requests, if any.
Possible topic areas:
Southern Regional Cultures
Southern Regional literatures
South Carolina literatures
African-American Cultures
Hispanic Cultures/Language Variation
Jewish Cultures
Native American Cultures
Gullah dialects
Geechee dialects
Gullah/Geechee Cultures
Non-standard dialects of South Carolina
Regional dialects of South Carolina
Languages of Native American ethnic groups
South-Eastern Regional Cultures and Languages
SC wedding, reunion, funeral traditions
Regional language varieties
Culture through literature
South Carolina authors
Culture and language through film
Culture and language from the perspective of broadcast and journalism studies
The Geechee Culture and its influence in the Low-country of South Carolina (language, food, community)
Hip Hop: culture or fad?
Booming Immigrant populations (Asian, Indian, Hispanic): Are they integrated or isolated?

We will notify accepted applicants by June 15, 2016.

*The South Carolina Project on Language and Culture (SCPLC) is a program of the Department of English and Modern Languages and the College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences, SC State University, Orangeburg, SC.