PAMLA 2016: Beyond the Children's Paper Book (abstract: 6/10/16; conference: 11/11-11/13/2016)

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Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA)

With the rise of the internet, computers, ipads, and other new media, children's books have begun to transform into post-books, new book-game or book-movie hybrids that are changing the nature of the children's book in the 21st century. In this session, we will theorize the roots of the change (how the new technological post-paper books are different from or similar to other earlier book-hybrids like pop-up books, book-toy hybrids, and book-game hybrids) and the ramifications (material, political, pedagogic, and aesthetic) of the new media.
Proposals attending to the conference theme "Archives, Libraries, Properties" are especially welcome.

Submit proposals of roughly 500 words as well as a 50-word abstract by June 10, 2016. Proposals must be submitted through the PAMLA online system: You can find out more regarding PAMLA sessions and topic areas here:

The 2016 PAMLA conference will be held in Pasadena, California, from Friday, November 11, through Sunday, November 13, at the Westin Pasadena. More information is available at the PAMLA website, Conference guidelines and procedures, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, can be found at

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