THATCamp @ The Lake

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June 1, 2016
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THATCamp - Wright State University Lake Campus

Announcing THATCamp @ The Lake! On June 18th and 19th, we’ll gather at Wright State University’s campus in Celina, OH for an open meeting of the minds. In two days, we plan to explore the intersection between technology and the classroom, as well as discuss the ways that technology can expand our pedagogy and research.

What is THATCamp? Short for “The Humanities and Technology Camp”, THATCamp is a user-generated “unconference” on digital humanities. THATCamp was originally the brainchild of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, where the first THATCamp was held in 2008; since then, more than sixty THATCamps have convened across the US and internationally. This particular THATCamp is organized by Megan Faragher and hosted by Wright State University.


What is an “unconference”? According to Wikipedia, an unconference is “a conference where the content of the sessions is created and managed by the participants, generally day-by-day during the course of the event, rather than by one or more organizers in advance of the event.” Participants in an unconference are expected to share their knowledge and actively collaborate with fellow participants rather than simply attend or read a paper. Unconferences strive to avoid pomp and hierarchy; as a result, they’re generally more comfortable and free-flowing than a typical academic gathering. A frequent THATCamp attendee summed up the difference between a THATCamp and a regular academic conference this way: “[THATCamps] give all the good of traditional conferences and nix the endless PowerPoint presentations, sage-on-stage moments, and insane costs.”


Who should attend THATCamp? Anyone with energy and an interest in digital humanities. We are particularly interested in scholars who use technology in their undergraduate teaching, but are also interested in finding out how archivists, librarians, and researchers use digital humanities techniques in their work.


What will happen at THATCamp? Our THATCamp will feature workshops and sessions. Workshops are pre-planned, and feature informal and fun instruction in a particular skill or topic in the digital humanities. Sessions are looser, participant-generated gatherings, which will be collaboratively scheduled the first morning of our THATCamp. At THATCamp @ The Lake sessions may range from software demos to discussions of research findings to talk about uses of digital tools in the classroom.


What’s my role in shaping these sessions? Using our THATCamp blog, propose a session before we meet in person ( Alternatively, bring a session idea and propose it to the group during our scheduling session. Once you’re at THATCamp, you may also find people with similar interests to team up with for a joint session.


How do I sign up? Visit our THATCamp site’s registration page ( to register for a spot.


How much? $30.  THATCamps are cheap on purpose. Our THATCamp has been generously sponsored by Wright State University’s Lake Campus and so we’ll be able to provide snacks along with the venue, for a relatively low price.


Contact: Visit our website ( or email megan.faragher@wright[dot]edu for more information. 



Register by June 1, 2016