Charles Alobwed’Epie: New Critical Insights

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August 31, 2016
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Prof Nol Alembong and Dr Blossom Fondo
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Charles Alobwed’Epie: New Critical Insights

A few decades ago, the mention of most Anglophone writers would have been met with ignorance for the most. In spite of the regular turn out of creative works by these Cameroon Anglophone writers, they continue to remain obscure both nationally and internationally. This unfortunate state of affairs is not the result of the fact that these writers have not been prolific nor that their creative productions have not been of a high quality. Rather it has been occasioned by a dearth of criticism of their works. This critical void although being gradually filled is still scant, disproportionate and lacking in authority. Besides, hardly any writer has received an in depth, sustained criticism nor a critical work dedicated exclusively to their life’s oeuvres; yet it is such an undertaking that contributes in making writers and their works well-known

One of such writers is Charles Alobwed’Epie, one of Anglophone Cameroon’s most prolific writers who, although having ten novels and a poetry collection to his credit, is still not widely acclaimed. This is due largely to this absence of critical attention to his works. Criticisms of his works where they exist are generally not adequately authoritative and therefore the world has not had the opportunity to discover the talents and interests of this writer.

This essay collection is meant to bring together high quality articles on any aspect of Alobwede’Epie’s creative art. We are therefore with this critical insight inviting highly critical, original and experimental articles on his works. The following guidelines are indicative:

-          Alobwed’Epie and feminist discourse

-          Alobwed’Epie and the tension between tradition and modernity

-          Contesting discourses in the works of Alobwed’Epie

-          The Ethics and Aesthetics of Socio-political criticism in Alobwed’Epie

-          Alternative worldviews in Alobwed’Epie

-          Postmodernist perspectives in Alobwed’Epie

-          Alobwed’Epie and the postcolonial

-          History and memory

-          Narratives of pain, trauma and identity

-          Theoretical insights into Alobwed’Epie’s art

-          Linguistic paradigms in Alobwed’Epie’s fiction

Important Dates

August 31, 2016: Deadline for the submission of complete papers

November 30, 2016: Publication of Collection

Please send all abstracts and enquiries to Prof. Nol Alembong and Dr. Blossom N. Fondo

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