BSJ3:The Edition With Truth

deadline for submissions: 
July 18, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
BSJ The B. S. Johnson Journal
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The B.S. Johnson Journal is pleased to announce the new theme for our forthcoming issue; “Truth”. Johnson struggled with questions of truth his entire life and we now invite research papers struggling with the same issue. These might entail readings and reassessments of Johnson’s work from contemporary theoretical perspectives, pieces utilising historical or archive research, or new works that have been created based on or responding to Johnson’s work and insights. Questions to be engaged with include:


  • How do Johnson’s notions of truth hold up in the light of postmodernist discourse, relativism and Derridean differance?
  • How does Johnson’s “truth of my truth” negotiate questions of authenticity, or of subjectivity?
  • Is truth compatible with metafiction?
  • How do Johnson’s works beyond the novel - his drama, film work, poetry, essays and radio plays – complement or reorientate his philosophy of truth?
  • What relationship exists between the “real life” Johnson and the Johnson portrayed in the “non-fiction novel”?
  • What are the politics of Johnson’s truth – radical, conservative, both or neither?
  • If “telling stories is telling lies”, should writers stop telling stories, or start telling more lies?


Please submit your work for consideration, along with any enquiries, to the editors at by Monday 18th July, 2016. We look forward to hearing from you!