ReFocus: The Films of Albert Brooks

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May 10, 2017
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Christian Long / University of Queensland
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Looking for two or three chapters on 1) Albert Brooks as a stand-up comedian, 2) Albert Brooks as a voice actor in The Simpsons, and 3) Albert Brooks as a voice actor in Finding Nemo.

deadline for submissions: May 10, 2017 

Please send a CV and a 150-250 word abstract to by 10 May 2017. Completed essays should be approximately 8,000 words (American spelling and grammar), referenced in Chicago endnote style.  

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ReFocusThe Films of Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks is probably most widely known as the voice of an animated clown fish in Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2016) and as the voice of a number of characters on The Simpsons rather than as the writer-director of seven films, including one of Stanley Kubrick’s favorite films, Modern Romance (1981), or as an Oscar-nominated actor Broadcast News (1987). Brooks’ first film, Real Life (1979), not only represents one of the earliest examples of the mockumentary, but also tackles the wages of reality television well before other Hollywood film makers caught on. Brooks films have wrestled with obsession, nostalgia, life after death, fraught mother-son relationships, the end of professional success, and the wages of George W. Bush’s foreign policy, but very little critical work has recognized Brooks’ contributions to Hollywood, film comedy, and American culture.