UPDATE: Authorship and Audience in Dystopian Film, SAMLA 88 [proposal due June 8; conference Nov 4-6 2016, Jacksonville, FL]

deadline for submissions: 
June 8, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
SAMLA Film Studies Group

From film noir to sci-fi, Terry Gilliam to David Lynch, dystopian narratives continue to hold a prominent place in film across independent, Hollywood, and international film communities. In keeping with the theme of authorship and audience, we seek papers addressing writing, directing, visual style, and performance in dystopian films. Papers on the work of David Lynch or other directors of dystopian films are encouraged, and we especially welcome papers that incorporate close readings of films.

Paper proposals addressing the SAMLA 88 theme are especially welcome; further topic ideas are listed below.

Possible topics could include:
*actor studies
*documentaries on dystopia
*consumerism and dystopia
*biogenetics and dystopian science
*post-apocalyptic societies
*sci-fi portrayals of dystopia
*comedic, parodic, and satiric dystopia
*dystopia and film style
*film noir and dystopia
*melodrama and dystopia
*philosophy of dystopia
*government and dystopia
*dystopia and the silent film
*hard science and dystopia
* spectatorship/audience studies and dystopian film
* the dystopian auteur

By 8 June, 2016, please submit a brief bio and an abstract of 350-500 words to Richard Hajarizadeh and Chad Newsom at samlafilmstudies@gmail.com.