Decoding Canadian Digital Poetics [UPDATED]

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September 30, 2016
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2017 NeMLA Annual Convention
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For a long time now, Canadian poets (most notably bpNichol, but there are many others) have been credited with making significant initiatory experiments in the fields we now call electronic literature and digital poetics, but there has been relatively little work done examining what precisely constitutes a Canadian digital poetics, what kinds of writing constitute the genre, and what new reading practices are invited by these new projects in digital poetics. This panel looks at the emerging field of Canadian digital poetics and asks two primary questions: what is the role of a national literature in the increasingly boundary-less world of electronic literature? and, how do Canadian digital poetics change the way that we read and engage with these texts?

Papers in this session might look at important predecessors of Canadian digital poetics (concrete, typewriter, sound, experimental), at some of the more prominent practitioners of Canadian digital poetics (JR Carpenter, Kate Pullinger, Darren Wershler, bpNichol, etc.), or might want to shed light on some lesser known figures.

Papers are encouraged that look at the role of digital humanities in the study and reception of digital poetics pieces or that look at the way that the digital offers a particularly poignant space for minoritarian voices of all kinds.

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