Queer in the Public Sphere

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September 30, 2016
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Teresa Smallwood/ NeMLA

Queer in the Public Sphere: Homophobia in Public Discourse (Panel)Submit Abstract  

Call for PapersPrimary Area / Secondary AreaRhetoric & Composition / Interdisciplinary HumanitiesChair: Teresa Smallwood (Chicago Theological Seminary)  Abstract:

Martin Luther King Jr. emerged from “The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom” as the face of public theology for the Civil Rights Movement. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is the embodiment of our working definition of public theology. The phrase public theology as used here is operationalized as that discourse concerned with how public opinion and public relevance fuels ideological commitments. How does public discourse and its use of the theoretical and the pragmatic shape the intellectual and practical implications of a people?

Victor Anderson, opines “gone are the days when democracy embraced a liberal progressive spirit such as defined the voices of public theology in the past.”[1] Anderson notes that in the absence of the “giants” the “faithful ordinary”[2] must fill the lacuna created. Some may say that the so-called liberal voice had its skeletons in the closet. A historical reflection reveals a less than liberal ethos for the queer in the public sphere. This panel seeks papers that address the discourse of queers in the public sphere whether it is through the lens of literature, television and print media, blogs, online publications or other modalities. What is the imprimatur for public discourse when one is queer in the public sphere? Does such public discourse cost anything? Does such public discourse gain anything?

[1] Anderson, Victor, “An American Public Theology in the Absence of Giants,” in Ethics that Matters: African, Caribbean, and African American Sources, Marcia Y. Riggs and James Samuel Logan, eds., (MN: Fortress Press), 2012, 198.

[2] Ibid, 214.

The deadline for this call for papers is September 30, 2016. Contact tsmallwood@ctschicago.edu for further questions.

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