Final Extended Call for Contributions to an Anthology: Crossing Borders: Delineations of Space in Medieval and Early Modern Literature

deadline for submissions: 
January 1, 2019
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Professor David Pecan, SUNY Nassau Community College
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Final Extended Call for Contributions to an Anthology: Crossing Borders: Delineations of Space in Medieval and Early Modern Literature  

This final extended call for abstracts focuses specifically on contributions which consider the application of spatial theory to literatures in Old English, Early Irish, Early Welsh, and Old Norse/Icelandic.  While the anthology would certainly welcome additional submissions in Middle English as well, we currently do not required additional proposals focused on the Early Modern Period.  From a thematic standpoint, this anthology seeks to bring together various explorations of the theoretical and literary significance of geographical boundaries, cartographical nuances in texts, literary and historical representations of 'setting,' the spatial compartmentalization of otherness, and the use of space to shape individual or collective ritual behavior. Additionally, contributions may consider the juxtaposition of the urban and rural, representations of conflict in 'close quarters' or public venues, the spatial qualities of the martyring of saints, the farcical humiliation of foolish husbands, the qualifications of domestic space, the marketplace, places of worship, localized food riots, public dancing, or processions.  Interested academics, graduate students, and independent scholars are invited to submit abstracts to Professor David Pecan at  The Deadline for abstract submission is now January 1st, 2019.  While discussion of any text(s) within the historical categories of "medieval" are invited, all essays must be in English and feature translation of pertinent quotations as needed for clarity.  Abstracts may run from 200 to 400 words.