Call for poems for a book entitled Cuckoo in Crisis

deadline for submissions: 
December 25, 2016
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IIT Roorkee, India
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                                                               CUCKOO IN CRISIS: Contemporary Indian English Women's Poetry
                                                                                        Editors: Charu Sheel Singh & Binod Mishra
Marginalization of women has been a long cry. Women have been in crisis for a long time not only in undeveloped and developing countries; their position is no different in developed countries as well. The crisis owes its origin to the break from tradition, multiculturalism and high hopes and aspirations. In India there have been women of high intellectual caliber during the Upanishadic period. They also occupied a place of prominence in Smriti literature. However, their deterioration ran parallel to their development in the successive stages of Indian history. The magnitude of the crisis increased manifold after the decolonization of India from the Muslim and British rule. Poems reflecting this change insensibility, tenor, tone and idiom are invited by the editors with the aim of fulfilling this gap of representation in anthologies published on women's poetry so for. Poems translated from the regional languages into English are also welcome. It is important in this connection to address the Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Parsee women who must make it a point to make the anthology a success. Indian Diaspora living anywhere in the world is also invited to participate in this venture. The editors invite original, unpublished ten best poems (for selection) of their choice from women poets, along with details of their bio-data and publications. In order to ensure the quality of publication, contributing poets must see the editors’ earlier anthology entitled Exiled Among Natives, (Singh, Charu Sheel & Binod Mishra. eds. Exiled Among Natives: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry. New Delhi: Adhyayan Publishers & Distributors. 2013) which has been received well by readers and critics.
The contributors are expected to send their poems along with declaration of originality. Contributing poets must have at least one published collection to their credit. A nominal amount will be charged from selected poets towards publication cost. The poems can be sent through e-mail attachment under the caption cfp for CC on The time limit for submitting the poems is six months from the first publication of this notice. The anthology will be published by a reputed Indian publisher and the book will have ISBN.
About the editors:
Charu Sheel Singh (b.1955...), a professor of English at Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi, is a poet a theorist and a critic of repute. He has to his credit around a dozen poetry collections like Tapascharnam (1981),Tapascharnam: Sukhdev Ki Pida ( 1987), Songs of Life and Death( 1989), The Indian Hero( 1993), Creation Cocktail ( 1997), Terracotta Flames( 2003), Kashi : A Mandala Poem (2007), Scriptures on Stone (2007), Etching on Edge (2007), Golden Chariots (2008), Legacies (2010), Born Across Millenniums(2013) and Ten Mahavidyas(2015), besides several volumes on criticism. His critical works include The Chariot of Fire: A Study of William Blake in the Light of Hindu Thought (1981), Auguries of Evocation: British Poetry During and After the Movement (1987), Contemporary Literary Theory (1989), Literary Theory: Possibilities and Limits (1991). He has also edited various volumes on literary history and criticism. His major critical work Philosophical Hermeneutics (2009) was published in seven volumes. In 2008, he published five of his poetic collections under the title Collected Poems (1975- 2003). He has earned worldwide reputation for his book on William Blake.
Binod Mishra (b. 1966…,), an Associate Professor in the HSS department of IIT Roorkee has a good number of articles, poems and books to his credit. One of his books entitled Communication Skills for Engineers and Scientists (co-authored with Sangeeta Sharma) is being used as a text book in many professional institutes. His other books include: Existential Concerns in the Novels of Mulk Raj Anand, Communicating at Work: Shifting Paradigms and Emerging Trends (ed.), Indian Writings in English ( ed.), Grammar in Use, Critical Responses to Feminism (ed.), Explorations in Australian Literature (ed.), Rainbow Redemption: New Bearings in Indian English Poetry (ed.), Inventing Ties & Bonds in English: Diasporic Literary Consciousness (ed.), Communication in a Globalized World: Let’s Speak Up (ed.), Silent Steps and Other Poems, Festivals of Fire: A Study of the Poetry of Niranjan Mohanty (ed.),Cabbages on the Bloom, Vol 1&II(ed.), Post-Colonial Pedagogical Issues: Strategies, theories and Practices in English Teaching, (ed.), Lotus Wine: Critical Responses to Indian Literatures in English, (ed.), and Vital Issues in English Language Teaching, (ed.). Serving his second term as an elected Editor-in-Chief of Indian Journal of English Studies, Dr. Mishra is also on the editorial board of various reputed journals. He has received awards such as AIMS International Distinguished Service Award (2008), & ‘Outstanding Editor of the Year’ (2009), given by AIMS International. International Poets Academy, Chennai, India conferred on him “Excellence in World Poetry Award 2010”.