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June 7, 2016
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muhammad ehsan

Historical English poetic comparison with Pakistani Poetical forms in Wordsworth and Shinwari’s poetry


Muhammad Ehsan

Ph.M Scholar, Department of English Language and literature,

The University of Lahore, Lahore-Pakistan

Mob: +92 3366317543



The social norms in writings were going to be changed with the new approaches which were coming in it. The writers were focusing on more and more imaginative and fanatic writings. Generally it is assumed that Literature is said to the expression of human life. The nation having strong language will have good literature and will some positive effect on others. The literature may differ from age to age and origin to origin. There are different areas of literature which show the different cultures and the eras in the world. World is comprised of different cultures and its own ways of life in every part. For example we can say that the life style in Africa is not applicable in Europe and that of Europe is not easily followed in Asia. This study will together investigate the poetry of William Wordsworth and Ameer Hamza Shinwari in a way. The poetry of Wordsworth and Shinwari have been critically analyzed, investigated and explored from many aspects but this study is unique in the sense that it is a comparative study of a European and Pakistani poets who are poles apart in many ways but the research finds out the elements of similarity in their poetic works.

Keywords: Social norms, imaginative and fanatic writings, William Wordsworth and Ameer Hamza Shinwari, European and Pakistani poets