Graphic Panel Review Journal Issue 1: Short Comics, Comics Pedagogy, and Comics Scholarship

deadline for submissions: 
November 14, 2016
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Graphic Panel Review

The Graphic Panel Review is an online journal that publishes original short comics, articles and materials regarding comic pedagogy, and articles about all facets of comic scholarship. Our goals are to provide a space where quality original short comics can be shared while fostering an appreciation of comics and promoting comics as a serious artistic form.

We are seeking submissions in both comics and written form for our first issue. 


We realize there are many, many definitions/terms for what we call “comics”. To avoid limiting creators and scholars by splitting hairs regarding terminology, we define “comics” very loosely. In general, we consider “comics” as a narrative that utilizes the graphic mode to tell its story. That said, we enjoy experimentation: any style, in any genre – i.e. fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, essay, (insert any other subgenre you can possibly think of here) – are accepted. For us the terms “narrative” and “story” are also very much open to interpretation. Show us what the form is capable of, and feel free to push some boundaries!

As far as length is concerned, we focus on shorter works. We do not provide a specific page or size limit, but our rule of thumb is Edgar Allen Poe’s first rule of short stories: it should be able to be read in one sitting

Our first issue has no set theme or topic so feel free to send us any quality original works! Diversity is very important to us, and we aim for diverse representation in our comics. This means diverse authors or genres, as well as content that explores people of different races, genders, cultures, sexualities, and disabilities. While exploring these topics isn’t required to be published with us, it is something we encourage and look for.

Written Work

One of our goals is to promote comics pedagogy so we love to hear from any educator who teaches comics or uses comics in any capacity. Short assignments involving comics, syllabi or lesson plans centered around comics, comics in therapy or medicine, theories regarding comics pedagogy, personal experiences teaching comics, general thoughts, challenges, benefits, or anything at all that can help other educators or promote comics pedagogy is acceptable.

In addition to essays focusing on comics pedagogy we read articles regarding a diverse range of topics including (but not certainly not limited to): the comics publishing industry, artistic techniques, comics structure, reading comics, diversity and representation in comics, interviews with comics artists, and comics in other media.

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