Elizabeth and Material Culture: Kalamazoo. 11-14 May, 2017

deadline for submissions: 
September 15, 2016
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Queen Elizabeth I Society
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Our panel in 2017 will consider Elizabeth and her ruling strategies in relation to the material culture of early modern England. How did Elizabeth participate in production and consumption of material culture? How did material culture of early modern England reflect, shape, or ignore Elizabeth's taste, needs, and preferences? What household practices were modeled on those of the royal household? How did the city of London, the royal palaces, and places Elizabeth visited during her progresses accommodate the queen's needs? How were the material aspects of trade, gift-giving, cooking, writing, theater, etc. affected by Elizabeth's prominent position as a ruler? We invite papers exploring these and other questions probing connections between Elizabeth's queenship and material culture.

Please email the abstracts (about 300 words) to Anna Riehl Bertolet ariehl@auburn.edu no later than September 15, 2016. Along with your abstract, please submit a completed Participant Information Form (found on the Congress website).