The Griselda Story: Feminist Perspectives

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September 15, 2016
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52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies - Kalamazoo 2017
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52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo 2017: Special Session

The Griselda Story: Feminist Perspectives

In 2016, several Kalamazoo sessions emphasized the need for thoughtful responses to discussions of feminist theory and feminism(s) within medieval studies. This session showcases current scholarship surrounding Chaucer’s story of Griselda in “The Clerk’s Tale.” In particular, our panel will explore feminism(s) and feminist approaches to an analysis of the many versions of the Griselda story. Of all of Chaucer's Canterbury tales, "The Clerk's Tale" has invited the most contrasting approaches and interpretations.  With the wider traditions of the Griselda story in fourteenth-century France and Italy, this narrative is practically a sourcebook for different feminist theoretical and practical approaches.

Broad suggestions for panel papers include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Focus on pedagogy, feminist practices, and the teaching of “The Clerk’s Tale”

Negotiations of power within the Griselda story

Griselda as a polarizing figure

Griselda as heroine or anti-heroine

Analysis of Italian texts and Boccaccio’s influence

Scribal notes to the14th century Griselda story

Analysis of French handbooks revealing stories of wifely duty and subjugation

Manuscripts, interpretations, feminist approaches, reception studies,

Technologies of audience

Christian interpretation of Griselda story

Anti-feminist analysis of Walter


Organizers: Stephanie Amsel

                  Amy Goodwin

Please send submissions to by September 15, 2016.