Sensing Time in Nature: The Use of Landscape in Cinema (SCMS 2017 panel)

deadline for submissions: 
August 20, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
Junko Yamazaki (University of Chicago/UCLA), Yuqian Yan (University of Chicago)
contact email: 

Yuqian Yan (University of Chicago) and Junko Yamazaki (UCLA) are currently putting together a panel on cinematic images of nature in historical film (broadly conceived) for SCMS 2017. The papers thus far are a paper on the use of location shooting in early Chinese costume dramas by Yuqian Yan, a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago, and a paper on rain, image and habitus in Japanese period film by Junko Yamazaki, a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA. We're looking for one or more additional papers to complete the panel. Proposals exploring the intersection of nature and history are particularly welcome.


Possible topics may include:


-       Landscape and setting

-       Location shooting and historical sites

-       An atmosphere of the past or future

-       Representations of natural phenomena (e.g. moon, trees, wind, rain, snow)

-       Nature and culture

-       Landscape in documentary and memory

-       The temporality and rhythm of nature as it is related to historical time

-       Cinematic nature and cinephilia


If you are interested, please send us your contact information along with a tentative title or topic as soon as possible and an abstract (maximum 300 words) no later than 20th at and