Shakespeare in Translation (abstract due Sept. 30)

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2016
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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This roundtable seeks to tackle the vexed yet essential issue of Shakespeare in translation. Panelists are encouraged to approach this in a number of ways, such as direct translation and intercultural adaptation. Papers could discuss a particular translation of a particular play, compare and contrast previous translations, explore a more open adaptation, or discuss the aesthetic, cultural, even political issues at stake when translating Shakespeare. Papers are not restricted to textual translation, as papers on dramatic or cinematic translation and adaptation are also very much welcome. Also, while special emphasis will be paid to translating Shakespeare into languages other than English, attempts to adapt Shakespeare into a more modern idiom is another area of interest. What is at stake in these translations and adaptations? What is gained, and what might potentially be lost? This panel should appeal those interested in literary, dramatic, and cinematic adaptation, Shakespeare and transnational influences, issues of cultural hegemony and exchange, and Shakespeare’s impact on the global stage.  Please email abstracts by Sept. 30 to or directly to the NeMLA site (