Spaces / Borders / Identities in Europe

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August 25, 2016
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Section "Space / Culture" of the Association for Cultural Studies (KWG) / Vechta, Germany
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The panel “Spaces / Borders / Identity” deals with the spatial dimension of migration movements in Europe and focuses especially on aspects of identity formations und identity negotiations in border spaces. It is primarily concerned with the discussion of migration as a border-crossing process that challenges spatial borders and that enables and necessitates the constitution of complex identities. It also considers translocal and transnational identities in flux, as they can be described by theoretical concepts important to cultural studies such as orientalism (Edward Said), “third space” and hybridity (Homi Bhabha), contact zones (Mary Louise Pratt) and border spaces as heterotopias.

Panel talks may cover, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • cultural studies research into spatially defined migratory identities,
  • spatial conceptions of the self and the other during migratory movements,
  • identity constructions in marginal, peripheral, and liminal spaces,
  • migratory identities in urban and / or rural spaces,
  • places and spaces as flexible and complex spaces of the articulation of translocal and transnational identities,
  • connections between historic and current migration movements in light of concepts of spatial theory such as borderlands, transit spaces and heterotopias,
  • redefinitions of the meaning of European centers and peripheries through migration,
  • the relevance of postcolonial concepts like “third space” and hybridity in current migration movements,
  • representations of space-based identities in border regions and during migration in literature, film, TV, music, art, etc.


Please submit proposals including title, 300–500 word abstract, and a short biographical sketch for presentations of no more than 20 minutes (plus 10 minutes of discussion) to Eric C. Erbacher ( and Lil Helle Thomas (

The deadline is August 25, 2016.

Further information on the KWG and the conference can be found at and (in German)