Temporality in East Asian Literature, Cinema and TV

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September 23, 2016
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How is time represented and perceived on screen and on page? The panelinvestigates the ways in which time is structured as linear flow of past, present and future, and as parallel dimensions and cycles.The panel welcomes papers that explore interplays among time, space and narratives in different literary and cinematic genres. How abstract time can be imagined and constructed through different literary and cinematic devices in East Asian literature and films? How do writers and directors use various time-space narrative strategies to achieve their overall themes?



Topics could include but are not limited to:



  • Time and space in science, literature and philosophy
  • Layers and reality of narratives in literary and cinematic texts  
  • Narrative strategies in transnational time travel literature and films
  • Historical reinventions in East Asian literature and films
  • Temporality in literary, theatrical or cinematic space
  • Narrative gaps and ellipse in literature and films