Post-human Post-Ecologies at the Intersection of Art and TechnoScience

deadline for submissions: 
September 23, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
Veronica Jimenez & Liza Futerman / ACLA2017

Technological advances at the intersection between science and art have provided new ways of scrutinizing and representing microcosmic and the macrocosmic realms by multiplying the scales and the processes involved in the constitution of the material world. Technologies such as the microscope, photography, imaging technologies (PET scan, X-ray, MRI), human-made mutations and microcinematography have challenged the boundaries between the animate and the inanimate, and have posed important challenges to traditional notions of the organic and inorganic, human and non-human, nature and urban, normalcy and pathology. Moreover, communication and transportation advances, such as the internet, have instigated questions and challenged the fundamental ontological categories of space and time. Technologies that expand our grasp of the material world question the Pythagorean paradigm that takes the human body as a discrete entity and the measure of all things.  These ontological shifts also bring to the foreground challenges to the traditional causal linearity of history and narrative, emphasizing issues of non-linearity, unpredictability, complexity and emergence, as well as important questions about the representability of the material world.

This seminar aims to explore the ways in which multidisciplinary approaches engage with the aforementioned technologies. We are also interested in exploring how techno-science, digital technologies and animation serve to reconfigure the interrelation between urban space, nature, things, bodies, technology and illness. We are particularly interested in papers that explore how projects at the intersection of art and science narrate and represent notions of complexity in living and dying systems.

Possible approaches may include:

Ecocriticism and environmental humanities including ecofeminism, animal studies, among others. Posthumanism; New Materialisms, representations of the Anthropocene, and health humanities.