Peace, Piety and Vendetta in Medieval Italy

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September 10, 2016
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Italians and Italianists at the 52nd International Congress for Medieval Studies
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Call for papers: ‘Peace, Piety and Vendetta in Medieval Italy’

                                                                                                  52 International Congress for Medieval Studies

Sponsored by Italians and Italianists at Kalamazoo


Papers are invited for a session to be held at the ICMS hosted by Western Michigan University on May 11-15, 2017. This panel seeks to highlight the role of vendetta as experienced by individuals, family groups and the greater community.  Of particular interest are those papers that consider the intersection of sacred and secular experiences of vendetta. Topics might include, but are not limited to the approach of ecclesiastical and secular authorities to vendetta, successful attempts to confine or control vendetta, mutable definitions and interpretations of vendetta throughout the period, revealing comparisons of vendetta with medieval societies outside of the peninsula. To foster a truly inter-disciplinary discussion, the session welcomes submissions from specialists of history, art history and literature.

Abstracts for papers of 20 minutes in length (c.200 words) should be submitted to one of the organizers by September 10, 2016.For further details, or to submit a proposal, please contact:


Jennifer Stiles, Ph.D

University of Akron


Kyler Williamsen, MA

Western Michigan University