Power at the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Class in the Lusophone World

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September 30, 2016
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Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
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Social factors such as race, gender, and class influence relationships of power between individuals and groups, separating those with access to cultural, political, and financial resources from those without.  Functioning as overlapping lenses through which to examine cultural texts, they can be used as tools with which to condone or contest repression and domination in the daily lives of individuals. In the Lusophone world, issues of race, gender, and class are particularly rooted in the history of “discovery,” colonization, slavery, and patriarchy, all of which have contemporary effects on citizens of Portuguese-speaking nations.  This panel will explore how race, gender, and class-based power dynamics are represented and reflected in literature and cultural manifestations such as film, music, and popular culture from Brazil, Portugal, and Luso-Africa. How are these relationships of power experienced through understandings of identity, education, development, and citizenship in the postcolonial context, and how are they portrayed in literary and cultural texts? Open time period, papers accepted in Portuguese and English.   Please submit abstracts no later than September 30, 2016 at http://www.buffalo.edu/nemla/convention/submit.html NeMLA's 48th Annual Convention will be held at the Marriott Baltimore Waterfront, and hosted by Johns Hopkins University.  Panel #16469