[SEA Tulsa, March 2017] Blood Moves: the transmission of bodies, ideas and diseases between the early republic and the Caribbean

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August 28, 2016
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Ray Leonard University of Miami
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Seeking one more paper to fill out a panel for the Society of Early Americanist Conference in Tulsa, March 2017.




This panel looks to capitalize on the recent turn towards the Caribbean in Early American studies. Scholars such as Michael Drexler, Ed White, Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Sean Goudie and Marlene Daut have provided an invaluable framework for conceiving the fraught connections between the US and the Caribbean. This panel is looking for papers that investigate the (de)generative discourses and ideologies produced by the movement of bodies, ideas and disease between the US, the Caribbean and the broader Atlantic. Papers might focus on how these categories were themselves compromised – bodies as diseases, diseases as ideas, ideas as diseases. Such inquiries might furthermore work to elucidate how this profound instability challenged or redefined the ideological and material construction of race, gender class and nation heading into the 19th century.