Call for Papers - Ilha do Desterro´s Thematic Issue: Posthumanism

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November 15, 2016
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Ilha do Desterro: A Journal of English Language, Literatures in English and Cultural Studies
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Call for Papers - Ilha do Desterro´s Thematic Issue: Posthumanism

Posthuman and posthumanism are terms that have emerged as a response to the current economic, political, cultural, and ecological crises affecting us all; crises whose currency  has been recognized by anti-oppressive social movements well in advance of their global acknowledgement by mainstream institutions. They also point to the crisis of the notion of ‘the human’ as an autonomous and rational being, as well as to the consequences of human actions on our planet. In fact, the decentering of the human subject has been a central theme in the works of authors such as Derrida, Haraway, Latour, Butler, Wolfe, and Braidotti. To what extent does the posthuman figure – and closely related figures like the cyborg or companion species –  open up alternative perspectives and positions from which to question, destabilize, and decenter the human, including modern binary categories such as human/nonhuman and nature/culture? How has the posthuman perspective confused the distinctions between human and animal, human and machine, organic and inorganic realms? In what ways does a posthuman perspective displace traditional disciplinary borders in favor of interdisciplinary approaches that involve literary and cultural studies, media studies, animal studies, among others? Does the posthuman perspective facilitate or inhibit decoloniality. How has the posthuman/nonhuman inhabited cultural imaginaries and been represented in contemporary culture – literature, film and television, comic books, video games, social media – and theoretical essays?


For this issue of the Journal of English Language, Literatures in English and Cultural Studies we welcome papers that explore the above questions from multiple theoretical frameworks such as feminism, gender studies, queer theory, race theory, disability studies, postcolonial studies, and deconstruction. Paper topics can address (but are not limited to) any of the areas and themes listed below:


Posthumanism (as theorised by Rosi Braidotti)

Posthuman(ist) feminism

Posthuman(ist) subjectivities

Posthuman futures

Posthumanist discourse and gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity and/or class.

Postcolonial posthumanism

Posthumanist discourse and/or figures in literature

Posthumanism and the Gothic (then and now)

Posthumanism and fantasy, science fiction and/or speculative fiction

Posthuman figures in film, television, comic books and graphic novels

Posthumanism and critical animal studies

Posthuman politics and ethics

Embodying posthumanism or the posthuman body


Ilha do Desterro´s Thematic Issue: Posthumanism

Invited Editors: Claudia de Lima Costa (UFSC), Ildney Cavalcanti (UFAL), Joan Haran (Cardiff University)


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Publication date: May-August, Vol. 70, N.2, 2017.


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