Con·course: Call for Essays on Intersection of Literary & Visual Arts

deadline for submissions: 
September 1, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
Plur·al·ity Press

Plur·al·ity Press seeks unpublished scholarly essays on the intersection of literary and visual arts for its interdisciplinary journal Con·course. While interested in works at all levels of scholarship, we are particularly interested in the works of budding and independent scholars. The theme for the inaugural issue of Con·course is: Public Modes of Transportation.

At its core, Con·course seeks to highlight research and essays related to hybridity within literary and visual arts. For example: What happens to language when we place it near image? What is the relationship between visual poetry and transit advertising such as the ones found on buses and subway train cars? What to make of the Greek term "logos," which means word, and the signage for public transport

Guest editors include: Clark A. Sexton, PhDs in Philosophy and Computer Science (University of Kansas), and Rachel Robles-Saeger, MA in English and Psychology (University at Buffalo).

We seek papers of any length in manuscript format (double-spaced in Times New Roman font).

We additionally seek images or artwork related to the “Public Modes of Transportation” theme for the inaugural issue. Please review our note on image submissions at the bottom of the call section of our website. There is no fee for submission.

The submission period is May 15th – August 15th. The deadline has been extended until September 1st, 2016.To submit, go to: