Global Crime Fiction, Film, and TV: Bodies, Guns, and a Measure of Truth?

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September 30, 2016
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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This panel proposes to investigate the evolution of crime literature, film, and TV across international borders from 1950-2017. 

Specifically, we will probe the relationships among literature, film, and TV as they evolve from the mid-twentieth century until the present day. We would like to do this on an international and comparative basis, analyzing the similarities and differences in this genre from country to country, culture to culture, and language to language.

We hope this panel will include many different strategies and approaches.

At the horizon of our reflection, we hope to deal with the general question of whether the representation of crime reflects actual social and political realities and, secondly, whether the texts have any positive contribution to social improvement.

A few suggested themes and pathways are as follows:

· What are the relationships between crime novels or stories and their adaptations in TV or film?

· What are the continuities and discontinuities from country to country when a film or TV series is similar? For example, what are the relationships between “Prime Suspect” and “Engrenage/Spiral?”

· Are certain cultures and languages more adept at representing crime in literature, film, or TV?

· Are certain crimes privileged in certain national crime traditions?

· Is gender treated in specific ways in the crime literature of certain cultures?

· Are there specific relationships between the representation of crime in any given country and its concrete violent crime?

· Is crime fiction, film, and TV realistic or a contemporary form of mannerism?

· Can one say that different countries or cultures represent violence in significantly different ways?

· Does the narrative form vary from country to country in crime fiction, film, and TV?

· Does crime fiction, film, and TV study the past experiences of the major characters in any significant way?

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