The Travel Writings of D.H. Lawrence: A Savage Pilgrimage

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
Northeast Modern Language Association
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This panel focuses on Lawrence's travel writing and welcomes any submissions relating to this topic. We are especially interested in exploring questions of cultural identity among diverse populations and the contrasts Lawrence explores between his native British cultures and the cultures he visited on his travels. Finally, this panel hopes to investigate Lawrence’s travel writing as it relates to travel writers in languages other than English.

This panel welcomes the following questions but is open to others:

How did he document his discoveries of new cultures and his interaction with them? What preparation went into his travel pieces? What research?

What did he hope to accomplish through his travels during the last decade of his life?

How did Lawrence’s travel influence his fiction? His poetry? Is Lawrence’s travel writing prefigured in his novels?

How does Lawrence’s cultural criticism compare to other writers who investigate the same places?

How comprehensive/selective are Lawrence’s travel writings? Does he neglect any cultural or political issues? Is Lawrence especially strong in his travel writing about certain areas?

Are there systematic themes or interests that guide his selection of places?

Submissions for this panel should be approximately 250 words.