Competing Narratives on/of Violence in a Globalizing World

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September 30, 2016
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International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan
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Journal of Contemporary Poetics


Journal of Contemporary Poetics is published by the Department of English, Faculty of Languages and Literature, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. This interdisciplinary journal welcomes articles and book reviews from various disciplines in Social Sciences and Humanities.


Submissions Open for a Special Issue on:

”Competing Narratives on/of Violence in a Globalizing World”


This themed issue of the journal will focus on competing narratives of violence in the contemporary world. In recent years, an unprecedented increase of violence and its grotesque manifestations have raised new challenges for humanity. It may be perpetrated by organs of state or non-state actors, religious or non-religious political groups, and by a majority community or a minority. Its victims may be an individual or a community, a sect or a race, a social group or a specific gender. This violence generates a contest between various competing narratives which leaves an indelible imprint on the contemporary consciousness and as a result people live in a constant state of fear.  The violence is being represented (propagated, glorified or derided) and critiqued across different art forms (literature, painting, music, film, etc.) and media (electronic, print, and social). In the given scenario, what role can academia play in the delineation of genealogy of violence, analysis, theorisation of its causes and possibilities of redressing it? How can different fields of learning contribute to address the issue that is making the world increasingly chaotic? With these questions in mind we welcome scholars working in the fields of history, cultural studies, political science, psychology, religious studies, critical theory, film and media studies, literature and languages, postcolonial studies, and law to present fresh insights into this issue. Some possible topics can be, though not limited to, the following:


  • Violence by organs of the sate and non-state actors
  • Representations of violence in literature, media, and culture
  • Conceptualisation of violence across civilisational divide
  • Postcolonialism, neo-colonialism, and violence
  • Violence, political power and strategy
  • Globalisation and violence
  • Philosophical and/or psychological perspectives on violence
  • Identity and self assertion
  • Violence and history
  • Language and/as violence
  • Social change and non-violence
  • Radicalization of social and political movements
  • Violence and human rights
  • Patterns of marginalization and violence
  • Geographies of terror
  • Perspectives on violence and peace-making
  • Surveillance and violence


The journal is double-blind peer reviewed. Please send 250-350 word abstract to by September 30, 2016. The editorial team would contact you by October 20, 2016 about the acceptance of the abstract. Please send your submissions of approximately 5000-8000 words to the editorial team as an attachment in word doc. format, following MLA style guidelines by January 30, 2017.


Keywords: radicalisation, social movements, extremism, power, violence