EXTENDED DEADLINE -“You Are Here”: Interdisciplinary Conference on Place, Space, and Embodiment

deadline for submissions: 
February 11, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Creighton University





Facebook: www.facebook.com/youarehereconference

Twitter: @YouAreHereConf 


At the root of every critical discussion, from politics to religion to student affairs, is a discussion of space, place, and location — where am I? Where can I go? Who else is here? Who cares?

Place holds a particular importance in understanding society and the social relations within it. Interrogating the importance of this “ever-shifting social geometry of power and signification” (Massey 1994) that is the ‘spatial,’ “You Are Here,” is a conference dedicated to exploring the questions and implications of space and place.

“You Are Here” welcomes papers, proposed panels, roundtables, poster sessions, and other session formats from graduate students and scholars at all stages of their careers. As this conference aims to cultivate understanding of the importance of space and place, we seek panels that unite scholars of various disciplines. These include but are certainly not limited to: English philology, rhetorical criticism, pedagogical studies, medical anthropology, sociology, American studies, cultural studies, theology, history, et al.

Within these (and other) disciplines, we encourage all papers on space, place and/or embodiment, but particularly welcome proposals concerning:

  • Spatial theory
  • Embodied education
  • Borders, boundaries, and limits
  • Dislocations and breaking boundaries
  • Liminality, marginality, and migration
  • Ethnographic analysis of space
  • Citizenship/the politicization of place
  • Agricultural and Environmental Issues
  • Environmental Rhetorics
  • Social Networks and discussions of digital space
  • Digital embodiments and cybersexualities
  • Medical spaces and the intersection of space and science
  • Commodification of space
  • Urbanization, construction of city space
  • Creative writing and expressions (fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, prose, essays, etc.)
  • Transgressive spaces
  • Critical terms and discussions
    • Tactics & Strategies
    • Mapping Metaphor
    • Embeddedness
    • Decoloniality
    • Ableism

Format: Individual papers or presentations of 20 minute duration, complete panels, or group presentations should be submitted by conference deadline. Submissions for special workshops and non-traditional presentations related to space, place, and embodiment are welcome.

Individual proposals of 300 words and a brief biographical note should be submitted by February 11, 2017 to Tierney S. Powell and Westin Miller, Conference Directors (youarehereconference@gmail.com). For group presentations, please submit a 500 word abstract that explains the entire session as well as a brief bio of each participant. Please include any AV/tech needs in your proposal. As mentioned, we encourage proposals from a diverse range of academic backgrounds and will consider individual proposals of any format for 20-minute presentations.

Please contact Tierney S. Powell  (youarehereconference@gmail.com) with questions and concerns regarding submission deadlines, requirements, and expectations. We try to be accommodating to scholar inquiry, so we encourage correspondence.