Just War Theory in an Age of Terror -- collection of essays

deadline for submissions: 
October 15, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
Ty Hawkins / Walsh University
contact email: 

First call for propoals for essays to be included in a collection tentatively titled, Just War Theory in an Age of Terror

This essay collection seeks to gather an interdisciplinary cadre of humanists who will explore the viability of Just War Theory today. The editors invite proposals for essays of 5,000 to 7,500 words that focus on one dimension of JWT in light of a particular text that has emerged out of the War on Terror. For instance, a scholar of literature and rhetoric might read how Phil Klay’s remarkable book of short fiction, Redeployment, engages the difficulty of defining “just authority” in a war that crosses borders and pits nation states against non-state actors. A scholar of religious philosophy might read the Catholic Church’s response to the 2003 Iraq invasion as a “text” that calls us to reimagine proportionality. An historian could read the Battle of Fallujah as a “text” that sheds new light on right intention. Regardless, each of the collection’s essays should focus its examination of JWT on a single aspect of the theory and a particular War on Terror text that sheds new light on this aspect of the theory. In this way, the collection hopefully will move fruitfully between theory and application, while crossing disciplinary boundaries.

Scholars interested in contributing should submit a one-page proposal, along with a shortened CV, to akim@walsh.edu and thawkins@walsh.edu by October 15, 2016. Questions are welcomed and can be directed to those same email accounts.