Call for papers -- Horror lit book

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November 1, 2016
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Mark Fabrizi
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Horror Literature and Dark Fantasy:

Challenging Genres


Critical Literacy Teaching Series: Challenging Authors and Genres

Sense Publishers


Edited book by Mark A. Fabrizi, Ph.D.

Eastern CT State University


I am seeking chapters for a scholarly book that explores the teaching of horror literature and dark fantasy through a critical literacy framework, challenging the norms and assumptions associated with horror as a genre, specific authors, or particular horror texts.  How do you teach horror or dark fantasy literature in your classroom?  What themes do you emphasize?  How do students react?  What unusual approach do you take in your classroom to address critical literacy through horror and dark fantasy literature?

Submissions should be guided by scholarship in critical literacy pedagogy and address concerns about silenced voices, marginalized people and perspectives, and/or issues of social justice.  Disruptive approaches to the study of horror literature (i.e., those that problematize the text) are welcome.  I will also consider critical discussions of film and television media as well.  The teaching focus should be on applications at the secondary or undergraduate levels.

Please submit an abstract of approximately 200 words which includes the critical approach taken, an anticipated chapter title, and a brief biography (about 50-100 words).  Chapters are expected to be 5,000-7,000 words.

Other books in the Critical Literacy Teaching Series include Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction (Thomas, ed.), Comics and Graphic Novels (Thomas, ed.), and Fantasy Literature (Fabrizi, ed.—see for a sample chapter).

Abstract submission deadline:  November 1, 2016.

Submit your proposal via PDF or Word document to Dr. Mark Fabrizi (