: Fostering Global Competence Through Film: Reimagining the Foreign Culture and Language Class

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
Patrizia Comello Perry / Borough of Manhattan Community College

Dear Colleagues, 

Please consider submitting an abstract for the proposed session below to be held at the NeMLA Convention in Baltimore, March 23-26, 2017.

The session aims to reimagine the fundamental pedagogical role of foreign language and culture courses in the college curriculum in the era of globalization. The interdisciplinary approach should be based on content to create opportunities to reflect on culture and cultural values essentially intrinsic in language and language learning.

This objective has been a challenge in beginners’ class. Furthermore the issue of language and culture is today facing global issues. Fast migration is changing the way we interact. Is it possible to add relevant content to our basic instructions? The desired outcome of this session is to share with the professional audience that some appropriate choices of content-film in our case- can lead to a more informed student community overall and fulfill language requirement at the same time. Reimagining language instructions with focus on global issues such as migration, sustainability and global terrorism will actually build intercultural competence and develop critical thinking, global literacy and civic engagement on the relevant issues of our times. If you have an example of a course or lesson plan with this objective, please submit your abstract through Nemla’s website. This session is open to all Foreign Languages cultural and film studies.


Deadline for abstract submission is September 30th.


Please send an email with your abstract also to the panel organizer and presiding officer: Patrizia Comello Perry – BMCC at pcomello@hotmail.com