Revisiting 1817 in 2017

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September 30, 2016
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Richard Johnston / Northeast Modern Languages Association

Panel: “Revisiting 1817 in 2017” 

Northeast Modern Languages Association

23-26 March 2017

Baltimore, MD  

Richard Johnston, United States Air Force Academy


Panel Description: Following on the success of last year’s NeMLA panel “1816: Revisiting the ‘Summer without a Summer,’” this panel will feature papers on the literature, art, and culture of 1817. Like 1816, 1817 was a watershed year. Six months after the death of Jane Austen, John Murray published Austen’s first and last completed novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Samuel Taylor Coleridge published Biographia Literaria, in which he reappraised Lyrical Ballads and offered his famous description of the imagination. Lord Byron published his closet drama Manfred, arguably his most important embodiment of the Byronic hero. Additionally, Thomas Love Peacock published his satirical novel Melincourt, Sir Walter Scott published his historical fiction Rob Roy, and the Shelleys published their History of a Six Weeks Tour, which featured Percy Shelley’s “Mont Blanc.” Back home, on 4 March 1817, habeas corpus was suspended amid fears of political unrest; at the end of the year in December 1817, William Home successfully defended himself in three separate trials arising from his political satires. And during the same year, Blackwood’s Magazine was launched, and the Elgin Marbles were first displayed at the British Museum, ultimately inspiring sonnets by John Keats. All papers dealing with the literature, art, and culture of Britain in 1817 will be considered for this panel.


Submission Guidelines: Please submit 300-word proposals by 30 September 2016. Proposals must be submitted electronically through the NeMLA website:


The title of this panel is “Revisiting 1817 in 2017,” and the number is 16440.


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