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January 31, 2017
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VERBEIA. JOURNAL OF ENGLISH AND SPANISH STUDIES/ Faculty of Education Camilo José Cela University
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Verbeia is an international open-access scientific journal dealing with two philological fields:

On one hand, the different fields of literary research both in Hispanic Philology (Spanish and Latin-American) and English-Speaking Philology: narrative, poetry, literary theory and criticism, Literature applied to Education and Comparative Literature. Literature and cinema. Verbeia also considers, after the steady rise of cultural studies, contributions into such a field as well as a meeting point between cultural studies and literature.

On the other hand, the different fields of linguistic research: Applied Linguistics, Specific Purposes, Technological Innovation and Translation, Language teaching and Corpus and Computational Linguistics.

Verbeia is an annual publication of book reviews, articles and unpublished papers on related issues on Spanish and English studies. Both English and Spanish can be used. Due date for publication is April.